Monday, April 06, 2009

Long-distance Annoyance

I was really looking forward to this week (Last Wednesday - This Wednesday) in terms of work because my advisor is off on his tri-annual visit to the desert for some field work. And, as I have been recently annoyed with Him (due to his inability to function the day Rex Manning came and his snarky comments), I figured this week-long break would allow me to get over my petty annoyances and focus on work and be refreshed upon His arrival.

As you might have guessed (from the mere fact that I am actually blogging about this) :
I am still annoyed with Him.

Here's a few reasons why:

  • Still not over the Rex Manning thing (why, I do not really know)
  • Spent MANY hours re-analyzing data in order to start a complete re-write of a paper (You know, the one that was "perfect" a few weeks ago and ready to go out for review but now that He actually sat down and listened to me, he decided we need a completely new paper (thus, my feelings that he is not paying attention to me are again confirmed)). This will take weeks. In which I should be actually focusing on dissertation work.
  • Spent / should be spending many hours working on a grant proposal that I am pretty sure (let's say 99.99%) won't get funded (because it doesn't actually come close to fitting the descriptions of what the money is for, not because the science is bad). If He even spends any time on it when He gets back and actually bothers to submit it.
  • Did not get fish that are desperately needed in order to work on dissertation projects. This was due to a glitch with money on His part that has not yet been fixed.
  • Have to spend hours working with Undergrads on a poster of a project that they are doing with Him, but He doesn't have the time to help them.
  • Still annoyed with someone else, but this is mainly due to His inability to deal with someone else (I know, it doesn't make sense to you, but trust me, it's annoying).

End Rant.

I have 2 days to get lots of work done and get rid of this annoyance. Wish me luck!

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