Friday, March 20, 2009

Successfully finished

Yesterday's invited seminar went extremely well! (Except for the multple delayed flights, fire alarm, the rain, one grad student not showing up for lunch and still not letting me know what happened, multiple things scheduled for the same day resulting in a less-than-full seminar room (but not too bad, considering), and my advisor pretty much being MIA the whole day because he can't handle being chair of the department!!)

I really enjoyed hanging out with Rex Manning*! He's awesome, does amazing research, is super-super smart, is young and ambitious and is a really nice guy. And he offered to have labmate Joe and I travel down south to do an AWESOME experiment with him this summer. The experiment is really cool, relates to my dissertation (wow!) and would allow me to learn a totally new technique that I am dying to learn and that I would be able to use for the rest of my research career! How great is that???!!??

And now that his visit is over, I am done with this silly "grad club" and can get back to work! YAY!

*obviously his name is NOT Rex Manning.

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