Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm in love with a girl ...

Ry & I had such a wonderful time this past weekend visiting little Ally in VA!! We were so excited to meet her and are so happy to have a new little "niece"! It's fun to be "Aunt" and "Uncle"!

It was great to just hang out with BF Kimmy, her hubby, Anna & Gorgeous too! We play cards, watched some olympics and even took Ally to her very first fair!! Check out the video below to see me realize one of my dreams in life -- riding a mechanical bull!!!!!!

I'm just so happy for BF Kimmy & my BF-in-law! They have the cutest daughter and she is just so happy! I can't wait to see you all again in B-lo in a few weeks!!!

Cutie Baby Ally!
RyGuy and Ally ... Isn't the expression great?
She's all "Really??! You're letting Uncle RyGuy hold me?"
I just wanted to take her home with us!!
So much fun at the fair!
Ally's enjoying her first pig races!!!
(My first pig races too!)

So excited!! I actually rode the bull!
(Anna did too, but I figured I should only humiliate myself with a blog video!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can't wait to meet her!

Just another day or so until I FINALLY meet BF Baby Ally!!
Just look at this photo of her! Can you blame me for being so excited??
(and not only is she so friggin' cute, but she's also wearing the fish dress I sent her!)
Oh, and I am excited to see BF Kimmy, BF-in-law, and the newly married Anna & Gorgeous too!
YAY for super-fun, non-working weekends!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Goodbye Texas ... FOREVER!!!

After 17 hours of travel, that included much time at airports, 2 planes and a bus, I finally made it home to Ry & the Little Town!

Let's just say, I couldn't be any happier to end my field work!

I'll spare you the boring stories of spending 3 weeks in a small town, 5 hours of travel for 2 hours of work, and the desire to kill my advisor! The highlight of the trip was the "Terlingua Pub Crawl 2008" (which means Joe & I drank at the ONLY 3 bars within an 80 mile radius)!

Here are a few photos for you!

A few mating pupfish (male on left (silver), female on right (brownish)).
I took more than 100 of these stupid photos!


2 male pupfish in a throw-down battle!

A different species of pupfish that we were able to swim with at a little state park!

I love fish shoals!

Me & Joe at Santa Elena Canyon (in our kick-ass hats)!
The left part of the canyon (behind me) is Mexico and the right side is the US, with the Rio Grande running between them!

The roadrunner that lived with us!
(This photo is for Nephew, who asked if we'd really see roadrunners in the desert!)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Trapped in Texas!!


After 22 days in (far, far) West Texas, we're stuck in the airport because of a stupid tropical storm that is hitting Houston (one of the 3 connections we have today!!). Which means will miss our 2 other flights. Which means another day in Texas.

I am never coming back to Texas. Ever.

I'll post some photos and excitement from our trip soon!