Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A little bit of focus ...

OK ... so my life has been a little crazy lately.

Good thing I like crazy.

I am slightly overwhelmed by life right now (perhaps that explains the lack of blogging). I just feel like I have so much going on, which leads me to accomplishing nothing at all.

So I have decided that what I need is a little focus. I keep getting distracted by things that are not important and will never contribute to my ultimate goals (you know -- success, happiness, satisfaction, white-picket fence, a family, a sense of worth, blah blah blah).

And in my pursuit of focus (and ultimate happiness), I am determined to blog each day. I hope that this will keep me focused, rid me of anxiety, and (perhaps) provide some entertainment for you readers out there (shout outs to all 5 of you!) as I muddle through life ...

Happy Halloween!

Here's the awesome "mad scientist" pumpkin Ry carved for us!

Hope you all have a happy, fun day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Damn near ubiquitous ...

Balmorhea State Park in far west Texas, where Dancing Fish and I did our field research this summer, is on CNN.com!

We're practically famous!

Well, Dancing Fish will be someday after she does all of her studies on the endangered fish there. And I will be acknowledged (I hope)! :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snowy Buffalo

Well, the first snow of the season hit Buffalo, which makes me miss home.

Of course, my family was (and some still are) without power for days. So, that isn't too fun!

But I am keeping my fingers crossed for snow at Thanksgiving time!

All the best to my snowy, powerless friends and family!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Every month when I mail in my rent check I include a little note to my landlord. Sometimes I thank him for doing something for me, sometimes I wish him a happy holiday, and sometimes I write about issues with my apartment.

This month I wrote about a mold problem in the hallway that leads up to my apartment. I live on the second floor, so I enter at the main door on the ground floor into a little hallway and go up a flight of stairs to my place. Just above the main door (directly below my bedroom and bathroom) I noticed that the ceiling tile had water marks on it and that mold was actually starting to grow on it. It's one of those "drop ceilings", so I requested that my landlord replace the tile. Not because I noticed the leak, but because I am a clean freak and I didn't like the mold.

So, Landlord Bob shows up this Saturday with a new ceiling tile in hand. He rips down the old one and notices it is wet, but there is no active leak that he can see. He is about to replace the tile when ...

Ry flushes the toilet.

And water pours down.

Good news: Bob was then able to locate the source of the leak! And I no longer have to worry about mold growing under my bathroom.

Bad news: My landlord will probably never talk to Ry again after being soaked with the dirty potty water.

And the funniest news: I may have told this story to Ry's advisor during my class this morning. Which means his lab mates keep asking Ry about his "shitty weekend".

Congratulations Steph & Andrew!!

Now that it has officially been posted into the blogosphere (see The Southern Yankee) ...

Congratulations to
Stephanie & Andrew

who are now expecting their first little baby!!

(Yikes, less than 6 months to get the baby blanket knit!!)

Wouldn't it be great ... ?

Wouldn't it be great if it were true?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm a joyful girl

Yay for a fun Saturday with the best guy I know!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Do you all know yet that I like whales?

Here's a happy story about the Irrawaddy dolphin.
The Irrawaddy is a nearly extinct river dolphin found in Cambodia and is one of my all time favorite whales.
Once, I had a dream about a pod of Irrawaddies that all had sunburn and where biting at my feet because they needed my help to put on aloe lotion. And my friend Josh was in a guillotine nearby.

What is your disorder?

Apparentaly I have General Anxiety Disorder.

Mental Health Screening
(Enter my University's name for the "keyword")


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Will blog soon

Hello faithful Blogstalkers!

I feel like I am disgrace to bloggers everywhere with my sparse and sporadic blog posts!

The problem is, when I have the most to write about, I have the least amount of time to write about it!

I am crazy busy, but crazy happy!

A few highlights lately that I am going to blog about soon: the new semester is great, I like my classes, had fun poker night with some grads, tailgated and football with Ry & family, babysat the cutest kids, and taken part in LOTS of "stitch & bitch"es!

Good thing I take the time to blog about not-blogging ...