Friday, June 30, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Goodbye Study Butte!

I've been back from Texas for over a week now, but things have been so hectic as I try to get back to my "normal" life!

Texas was fun, but challenging. It was surprisingly difficult for me to be so far away from everyone without phone service and high-speed internet. I didn't expect it to affect me so much. The HOT, HOT sun did not add to my enjoyment. I am a Buffalo girl at heart and miss the cold (Luckily, the previous 5 and next 7 days here in PA are rainy, wet, and cool! YAY!)!

But, the desert was beautiful! And DancingFish and I made the best of our situation and had many adventures as "girls in tank tops"! Below are a few photos to end our trip. I wish I had more, but I managed to severly injure my digital camera during one of our hikes in Big Bend National Park.

A view on one of our hikes. I think this was the 5-mile hike that we did in the middle of the day, without eating, that went downhill first then uphill, close to 1,000 feet I think! I almost died.

A view near "The Ranch". It was pretty.

The view as you walk through the door to the "Chalet". On the right is the handle to a fridge that is older than my parents (perhaps even grandparents). And no, the door to the toilet is not open. There is no door.

On the left is the shower. To the right (just out of the photo) is where the front door is.

The bedroom in the Chalet. It's around the corner from the dressing room/office/bathroom. It was air conditioned, which was nice. You can't really see it that well, but we duct taped the edges of the carpet and the door so that no more bugs could get in and bother us!
(Yes, that is snugglebear on the bed near my pjs!)

The long drive home took us to Austin (fun party with DancingFish's old advisor), St. Louis (there's the arch!) where we went to the Zoo and gave the Vibe (pronounced VEE-BAY) back to MammaGumm, and finally to Richmond, where we visited with BF-Kimmy & the BF-in-law!

Some cutie penguins from the SL Zoo! Mamma Gumm breaks for Penguins. And so do we!

Overall, it was a successful trip to West Texas. We went hiking, went to both bars in the neighboring town, went to a fish hatchery, and collected lots of good data that might even lead to saving an endangered species of pupfish. But, I am very happy to be back home!

Monday, June 19, 2006

More marriage!

to Anna & George
on their engagement!
Can't wait for the wedding -- summer 2008!
(Photo from last summer's trip to DC.
New summer goal: I need to get more recent photos of friends!)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh, Texas!

After 5 days of travel, we made it to our final destination! And we've been busy researching in the desert ever since! We happen to be visiting Roswell, NM for a few days (yes, Area 51 ... woohoo ... aliens...), so I have internet connection!!!! Below are a few photos from our travels! (Check out Dancing Fish's blog for more photos!)

We finally make it to far west Texas!

It's HOT here (current record -- 111 degrees!)!

A beautiful desert sunrise!

Prickly Pear Cactus in the "front yard"!

A close-up of the "chalet".
(I may even show you the luxurious interior some day!)

One field site. It's in a gas field. That's some sort of plant in the background!

Second field site. Pretty canal, with shade! And swimming area (in far right corner).

Sunset in Big Bend National Park!

That's all I have for now! More details when I get home in just two short weeks!!