Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Edits from Advisor???

My advisor is a kind, generous, anxious, socially inept, brilliant, clueless, thoughtful, thoughtless, driven, delegating, drama-loving, scientist (There are many other words to describe him, but I will stop with that, because I would say all of those things to his face) . And someone I truly respect.

But his help with writing manuscripts can often be ... less than pleasant (see here for example). And not just for me, but for pretty much all of the grad students (at least the recent ones).

So, imagine my surprise when I get back my most recent manuscript draft from him and it has 3 helpful comments in it. And that's all. One was a change in the title (much better now). The second was a sentence in my predictions (I added a second sentence to clarify it = much better now). And the third was a suggestion on adding a topic to the discussion that will broaden it and make it more interesting (= more likely to get accepted for publication = much better). Totally crazy!

Now, do I take this good review as a sign that my scientific writing is getting better and this paper isn't as crappy as I thought it was?
Or was the good review because my advisor (thinks he) is really, really busy and has other issues and grad students that distract him from really reading what I wrote?

It's probably the second conclusion, but I'll pretend it's the first! :)

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Albatross said...

Is his name on it? Then it is definitely the first!
Just kidding. I'm sure it is the first because you are an awesome writer and have put in the time and effort for this paper (as you always do!)