Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mom's Day in B-lo!

Ry & I shuffled off to Buffalo over Mother's Day weekend, for no special reason except to visit the family!

We had a great time! My parents, lil bro' & Kel have purchased a new house and Ry & I broke in to check it out! It's awesome and I still can't believe my parents will be moving from our childhood home this summer (but I am very happy for them!)! We also saw Nephew sing in the choir at church and my sis-in-law made an amazing Mother's Day dinner for all of us! Oh, and Nephew gave me plenty of beautiful Mother's Day drawings and paintings and a plant! There's no official "Aunt Sneks Day", so I appreciated the thought! :) Our final visit was to Anna & Gorgeous to visit their new "baby" (AKA, Ziva the dog!)! SO CUTE!!

Can't wait for our next visit to Buffalo in July!

Nephew singing in the choir (he's the littlest guy in front!)!

Ziva the puppy, biting my knee right after she peed on me!
(What is with creatures peeing on me??)
(So when is the real baby coming, Anna & George???)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Submitted (x2) !

2 papers submitted in one day! Woohoo!

I think I accomplished enough work this week!

One paper was submitted to a BIG journal and I sort of doubt it will be accepted there, but my advisor thought it was worth a shot! It's some data that I collected my first year of my PhD (like ... 3 years ago), so I am pretty excited to get it written and out to the world! It's been a long writing processes with my advisor (my only co-author on this one) and I am excited to be done with it! Also, it counts toward my "Big 10" goal, so please keep your fingers crossed that the reviewers like my ideas as much as I do!!

The second paper is even "older". It's data from my Masters work that has been written in various forms and submitted multiple times. But I really think it's in the proper context now, so I am hopeful that the mid-to-low-level journal that we sent it to will like it! And it would be nice to be DONE with my master's work (except one more little bit of data, but my old labmate is now in charge of that paper and some more data is being collected this summer by my old advisor ... so it's pretty much out of my hand except some editting!)!

Overall, a pretty good week! And a busy weekend/week coming up!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Less than 600 days!

Oh my! Time is flying!

Luckily, we're not too stressed yet! We have the church, reception hall/hotel, dj, and photographers all lined up. I have bought a few favor/decor/gift sort of things. And the rest ... I feel like we still have time for!

We have set up a wedding webpage too! If you want to check it out our webpage, go to http://www.mywedding.com/. Then, on the rightside of the page, in the middle, you can type in my name or RyGuy's and you'll find us! We're going to try to update it often as we get more info about wedding related events! In case you're curious!

Next wedding goals: limo, semi-finalized guest list, save the dates, and loose some weight before dress shopping!

Yay wedding!!