Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Football, the fantasy

Woohoo! I actually won a Fantasy Football match-up this week! Crazy! This has never happened before! I don't even know the appropriate celebration. A fantasy beer?

As you can probably tell, I am new to the fake online sports (though, I would like to point out that I am pretty good at other fake sports, including, but not limited to: Wii boxing, Wii bowling and Texas Hold'em).

Here has been my strategy thus far:

1) After the first week, someone told me I could change the players that the online service automatically gave me (in the "draft"). Thus, for week 2, I obtained as many Buffalo Bills players as possible (because this is the only team I truly care about and follow). Oh, except that I kept Eli (because I love me some Mannings!).

2) I ignored everyone who flipped out when I dropped a "good" player (Marvin Harrison?) so that I could pick up WRs from the Buffalo Bills. The whole rest of the league fought over who would get him. Guess what -- my players are better! Even the guy out for the next month because of thumb surgery (Roscoe Parrish) has more points! So there.

3) One random day each week, when I find myself particularly bored at work and I have read everyone's blogs and no one else is in my office to catch me (because doing anything "Fantasy" in a science department is often frowned upon), I spend about 4 minutes looking at my team. My main goal: make sure none of my players are on a bye week or are hurt. Fortunately, I have a few people also in the league that let me know that I need to switch players. This usually happens on Tuesday or Wednesday.

4) On Sunday, at about 1:30, I realize that instead of watching actual football, I should have been thinking about my fantasy football. Then I hope that everyone on my fantasy team is playing that day and go back to knitting and/or working and/or house cleaning while watching football.

5) On Monday, I rely on everyone else in the league to analyze my team and let me know how I did (usually I get this update when I am trying to work on real work on my computer and people mistake manuscript writing for fantasy football).

By following my strategy, you too can win one of four fantasy match-ups and be second-to-last in your league!!!

Oh, and Go Bills!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buffalo, Baptism, Babies & Nephew

The title of this post really is alliterative, as Nephew's name starts with a B also! Oh alliteration!
As per usual, Ry & I had a super fabulous time in Buffalo!
We spent some good times with the folks and the lil' bro & his awesome gf. Lots of yummy Buffalo food and lots of cards (fun new rummy game!)! There's just something great about sitting around the table in the backyard and playing cards with the family! After staying up late (almost midnight!), we all got up at 8am to try to get some Wiis (Nephew's 5th birthday is coming up soon!), but didn't get any (though I think we're up to a combined 4 systems now!!)!
We also spent a beautiful day at the zoo with Nephew, big bro and sis-in-law. It's been years since I went to the Buffalo Zoo (since Nephew was only 2!), so I was excited. It looked great, there was an animal I had never even heard of in the new rainforest exhibit, and I think we all had a super great time! I also got to go to Nephew's house and meet his cute little bunny (named Mojo, after Transformers!)!
And the main event -- the whole reason we drove the 6+ hours home -- the baptism of baby Ally! I forgot to bring my camera, but she was the cutest thing in her beautiful white dress! And she didn't cry at all when the water was poured over her head! And we celebrated with a picnic at a local park. It was great to see everyone -- including little Nolan (see below), the son of our good friend (and my junior prom date!). It was chilly, but I think we all had too much fun to care!
We can't wait for our next visit -- just a few weeks until Nephew's birthday party!
I swear my Nephew will be some sort of scientist someday!
"Aunt Sneks, why do you always have to take so many photos of me??"
Baby Nolan is the cutest! He really like pulling my hair!
(I think the drizzle also helped to make my hair look oh-so-cute)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too much time in the basement men's room ...

It's not what the title leads you to think ...

My scientific laboratory is acutally in the men's room in the basement of the science building.

And, really, a converted bathroom/locker room/shower room without windows (and thus outside light) is ideal for a fish laboratory.

But lately, I have spent far too much time there!

This semester I am not teaching and I am my advisor's research assistant (or ... as I like to say .. I'm my advisor's bitch).

Most graduate students would be thrilled to avoid teaching and get to spend all of their time in the lab! And I am.

It's just a lot of time in a hot (92 degrees) room, alone, with only a couple hundred fish to talk to. And I need to be there at "dawn", which means I have to be to work and ready to collect data at 7am. And, because the rest of my depatment does not function before noon, most meetings are after 4pm, so I rarely get home before 5:30 (more like 6). Thus, the 10 or 11 hour days are starting to take their toll ...

So today I found myself especially cranky. And maybe not 100% nice to everyone. And maybe I just need to get out of the men's room ...

Good thing Ry & I are headed to the B-lo for Baby Ally's baptism! Yay for a whole weekend away from work filled with family and friends (including a visit to the zoo with my awesome Nephew!!!)!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

I love Nephew

I just had to share this photo of Nephew that my sis-in-law passed onto me a week or so ago!
I adore Nephew! For many, many reasons, but the number one reason right now is this photo! He spent some time on the Great Lake this summer and found this lovely fish that he wants to share with us all!
I swear that I in no way try to persuade him towards water-creatures (other than buying lots of whale and fish paraphanalia)!
The picture is now hanging above my computer for all to see (and to make me smile when I am having a crappy day at work!)!
Thanks for being great Nephew!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nephew & Every Step

Have I mentioned Nephew lately?

He's not even 5 yet and he's already doing some good in the world!

On September 13th, Nephew is doing the Every Step -- The walk for universal newborn screening -- sponsored by the Hunter's Hope Foundation.

If you're a non-Buffalonian and are unfamiliar with the Hunter's Hope Foundation, it is in honor of Hunter Kelly, the son of Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Hunter was born with a horrible disease that affected all of his neurons and nerves. If he had been properly diagnosed as a baby, he would have been able to receive a transplant and his hopes of survival would have increased tremendously. Unfortunately, Hunter Kelly was repeatedly misdiagnosed. The Kelly family is now working to enact laws that will require all newborns in the US to be screened for diseases that can be treated. They have already worked to pass laws in NY State and the Every Step Walk will raise funds for more legislation, research, and care for babies and their families!

As it was the "Year of the Baby", I hope that some of you could take a few minutes to sponsor Nephew in honor of all of the newborns! Just $5 will really make a difference!

To donate, just click HERE, then click the SPONSORSHIP tab, then SPONSOR NOW!, then fill out the fields with Nephew's name, his team (Savings Safari Team) and then all of your information and click away! I just did it and it only took 2 minutes!!

Thanks friends for being so generous!!!!