Thursday, April 02, 2009

Goodbye Mojo

Nephew is pretty much the sweetest kid in the world. Among other things, he loves animals. Especially his bunny, Mojo. Unfortunately, Mojo passed away this week. Nephew took it pretty hard. Mojo was his best friend and watched over him when he slept at night.

Fortunately, the local SPCA has some bunnies and Nephew will go find a new friend this weekend! I just wanted to wish Nephew luck on his search for a new bunny!

( Here he is with the bunnies at the Science Museum this past Christmas!)


Becky said...

Someone has a sense of humor when naming a child's pet Mojo!

Sneks said...

Haha! My bro and sis-in-law do have good senses of humor. But Mojo is actually short for "Mojito". They call their dog "Tini", short for Martini. I am wondering what the new bunny's name will be. Maybe Mudslide?