Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Since you've been gone ..."

A quick note to all of my favorite friends out there!

Our road trip to western Texas is underway! We arrive at "The Ranch" to stay in "The Chalet" tomorrow!

Thus far, we've gone almost 2,ooo miles. And we've been in the car for a little more than 30 hours! Luckily, Ry made us some great CDs to sing a long to! And we have enough diet coke and cheese to get us through!

We're in Austin, TX today and are about to go out and enjoy the 93 degree weather! Tomorrow when we arrive in Study Butte, it's forecasted to be 101 degrees. But -- we're staying hyrdated! :)

Not enough time to tell you all about our great visit to Chicago and Kansas and Austin thus far, and I probably won't get good internet service for the next few weeks -- but I promise to tell the tales when I can!

Miss you all!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Down in the heart of Texas ...

Just 2 days until DancingFish and I leave for Study Butte, Texas! Crazy!

This Buffalonian will be spending a month with the advisor looking at desert fish (yes, I said FISH that live in the DESERT). And I am also told I will see scary spiders, snakes, scorpions and other assorted animals. I hope to see an armadillo. And cacti. And I want to go to Mexico. And get a cowboy hat. And get lots of research done.

We're road trippin' it through Chicago, Kansas (YAY -- we'll see Kathryn!!!), and Austin over the first few days. On the way back I hope to see the
Southern Yankee in GA and see BF-Kimmy & the BF-in-law in Virginia!

Once we're in the middle of nowhere, it may be a bit difficult to keep up the blogging, but I will surely have lots of fun pictures to post when we get back on June 15th!

Hope you're all starting your summer adventures too!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Guess who my favorite guy is!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Battle of Puebla

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope you all had as fun a Cinco de Mayo celebration as we all did!

Ry's advisor had everyone over for some backyard fun! The grill was fired up and the keg was tapped! Bucket of Margarita was in the freezer and we all left school a bit early to enjoy the sun!

We played some volleyball and the boys had to show off their wiffleball skills! Dr. Dave tried to hit one out of the park .... I think all the beer and grilling went to his head!

We all ate way too much food (yes, I ate a hamburger!! DancingFish has a picture of the first cow I have eaten (sober) in half a decade)!

As the sun went down, more bottles of booze were discovered (Ry -- what are you drinking baby??) :)

Which, as with most summer parties, led to the 2nd round of grilling -- even more chicken wings, ribs, and burgers! (Who will win the cheeseburger? Brad or Franklin the Diva Doggie?)

Fun was had by all and I slept very well that night!

Hope you enjoyed your quasi-Mexican Holiday!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Master Stephanie!

Congratulations to Steph on a job well done!!!!
YAY for her graduating with a Masters in Education!!
We're all so proud!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crazy ... like a peacock

Do sexual selection & behavioral isolation form a continuum?
Does anyone care?
Does anyone even know what that means?
I'm going a bit crazy as I have been working on this review paper for my Speciation class for the last few days.
Crazy like a peacock.
(Because, really, who can discuss sexual selection without peacocks??)
Leaving for Texas in less then 10 days!!
Like an armadillo.