Sunday, November 09, 2008

The perfect day!

Yesterday, Ry took me to NYC to celebrate our 3-year anniversary!
It was a very beautiful day .....
.... but it was very rainy!

So, Ry decided we should go on a horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park!

At Strawberry Fields, our carriage driver pulled-over and said he'd happily take our photo along the path!
Suddenly, Ry dropped to one knee. And I start saying "What are you doing?"

Then he repeats himself a few times because I am having trouble listening to him! Finally I hear "You haven't answered me! Will you marry me?"

And of course I say "YES!!"

Such a beautiful ring!

Then we walked around the park until Ry took me for a wonderful dinner at Tavern on the Green!

With its beautiful trees and fancy dining rooms!
And we celebrated our engagement!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Another wonderful trip home!

Ry & I had another wonderful, busy, quick trip home! I think we managed to spend 40 hours in Buffalo! The main reason for our short trip was Nephew's 5th Birthday Party, but we also managed to squeeze in some trick or treating, lots of errands and lunch with Mom & Dad, a great family dinner and some fun at the casino in the Falls, a spinning class (not Ry, just me and Mom and Kel, who both kick my ass at the spinning) and lots of fun!

Here's some photos from the weekend!

Nephew, the bat!
Someone got a few pounds of candy!
What's a 5-year-old's birthday party without a bounce house?
Kel, me and Ry snuck in while the little boys were distracted!
(Go Bills!)
Why can't Ry hit the Transformers pinata?
Because lil' bro stole it away while Ry was blindfolded!
(5-year-olds find this hysterical)

Happy Birthday Nephew!!

Doing any online Holiday shopping?

Anyone planning on buying anything online this holiday season?

If so, could you link to your favorite online store through THIS LINK?

I've also posted it on the sidebar for your continued use!

Basically, this company called Upromise donates money towards my student loans for every online purchase I make! It's usually like 1%, but I am sure the pennies will add up!

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Now, in case you're worried that I could find out what things you bought from which stores -- I won't! Upromise just sends the money. I have no idea WHO bought stuff or WHAT they bought! So, feel free to buy as many embarassing products online as you want and I will never know!

And did I mention you can get additional DEALS from linking to your store through Upromise -- like free shipping!

Like I said, it costs you nothing other than 1 second on an additional webpage! So, if you think of it, I'd really appreciate you using my link! :)

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who moved my cheese?

No, this post is not about the self-help book.

I really want to know, Who moved my cheese?

As my advisor invited one of his old students to our department to give a seminar this week, I have been his dutiful servant and one of today's tasks included putting out veggies and crackers and cheese for the post-seminar discussion.

So, I had a veggie tray and a few boxes of crackers and 4 blocks of cheese. The super-awesome secretary offered to put the snacks out while we were all at the seminar so that they would be ready when we arrived. There was about a 10 minute span between her leaving and me arriving. And in that 10 minutes, it seems that 2 blocks of cheese went missing.

Who moved my cheese?

Who even does that?

Who takes cheese off of a table of snacks? I mean, sure, steal a few cookies or a few pieces of cheese. But 2 blocks of cheese? WTF?

I hope no one steals the 3 chickens I am buying for dinner tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lots to celebrate!

Birthday wishes to my RyGuy!

Happy 29th Birthday, my love!

And it's also our 3-year Anniversary!!

Here's us 3 years ago when we had just started dating!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Umm ... hope you voted!

Because I had to post on election day ...

Even though I voted weeks ago through absentee ballot, because I am still an Empire State resident. So, basically, my vote didn't really count because of the stupid electoral college.

While I was not a strong supporter of Obama, I will post my favorite line from one of his speeches, as I think that we must all believe it in order to change this world, regardless of whom we wanted to win tonight.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.
We are the change that we seek.
~Barack Obama