Sunday, November 01, 2009

Where did October go?

My goals for October were:

  • Collect & analyze ALL data from Experiment 1b
  • Write significant draft for Experiment 1 paper
  • Start collecting data for Experiment 2
  • Finish getting replicates for Experiment 2
  • Finish & submit pesky Thesis paper
  • Write significant draft of CR field paper and get it out to co-authors
  • Get together some lectures for a bunch of classes I agreed to teach the first week of November
  • Finish applying for jobs (until post doc season starts)

OK ... so, if I again calculate out a possible 100% completion score for all goals, I am only at 68.667%. That is slightly better than September's score, but still not good!

Totally bringing down my average (with a 0% completion) is the Pesky Thesis Paper. I have sent it to my co-author and old advisor a while ago, and hope to hear back this week about getting it out SOON! I am sick of the paper and have no desire to work on it anymore, so it better get accepted this time!

The rest of my goals were a bit closer to completion. And I am hoping I'll have a much higher score for November!!! Stay tuned for new goals soon!

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