Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Benefit for Heather!

Our friend Heather was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) on March 13, 2009. This is a very rare disease, especially for a 26-year-old. Heather is an extremely happy person and has kept a positive attitude as she has undergone many bone biopsies and doctor's appointments! Luckily, Heather can be "cured" with a bone marrow transplant! In preparation for her transplant at the end of June, Heather has also undergone fertility treatments (to freeze embryos, since it is unlikey her eggs will survive the chemotherapy she has to undergo). Needless to say, Heather and her boyfriend Matt (my officemate) have racked up a whole bunch of medical bills already!

What else could we do, but get together a Benefit for Heather? At the local bar, of course! The professors in my department agreed to be "Celebrity" Bartenders and collected lots of tips for Matt & Heather! We had a fabulous turnout and lots of support! I hope Heather looks back on the night and has a good laugh while she's recovering in the hospital!

An amazing turnout! THANKS everyone!

Dr S. says "Show me your tips!"

How many tenure-track PhDs does it take to pour me a Diet Coke?
Dr B. flosses his teeth ... with a thong?!?
Celebrities always wear their pearls, like Dr C.
Showing off some postdoc skills
Dr M. is apparently a D-cup............
.....with manly muscles.
Dr S. is ready to work ... at Schnooters?
I was so proud to present Heather & Matt with our contribution!
Good Luck Heather!

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Becky said...

What a nice girl you are Sneks.