Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mom's Day in B-lo!

Ry & I shuffled off to Buffalo over Mother's Day weekend, for no special reason except to visit the family!

We had a great time! My parents, lil bro' & Kel have purchased a new house and Ry & I broke in to check it out! It's awesome and I still can't believe my parents will be moving from our childhood home this summer (but I am very happy for them!)! We also saw Nephew sing in the choir at church and my sis-in-law made an amazing Mother's Day dinner for all of us! Oh, and Nephew gave me plenty of beautiful Mother's Day drawings and paintings and a plant! There's no official "Aunt Sneks Day", so I appreciated the thought! :) Our final visit was to Anna & Gorgeous to visit their new "baby" (AKA, Ziva the dog!)! SO CUTE!!

Can't wait for our next visit to Buffalo in July!

Nephew singing in the choir (he's the littlest guy in front!)!

Ziva the puppy, biting my knee right after she peed on me!
(What is with creatures peeing on me??)
(So when is the real baby coming, Anna & George???)

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