Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Constructive or DEstructive Criticism?

Below are a few comments that my advisor sprinkled throughout the latest draft of my proposal:

o.k., I am lost here

while [why ‘while’]

K’mon, give us some decent wording here!

I don’t get it.


sounds erudite but I don’t understand

Wow. Those are helpful. Really gives me some direction so that I can change my proposal to make it better.

I figured posting his comments here would be better than me emailing him back with "Thanks, Asshole!" Or "Thanks for the comments, but I just don't get them". Or "K'mon, haven't I changed enough already so that it sounds erudite?"

I can take criticism just fine, but I would appreciate something constructive that I could work with.

Another lesson of "How I will NOT be as an advisor".


SLM said...

Your advisor SUCKS! :)

SLM said...

How things are going well, I know times are crazy, but I look forward to seeing you at Christmas!