Tuesday, February 10, 2009

28 has hit me hard!

Last week I turned 28! (And my mom called me to remind me that I was old now!)

The weekend before my birthday, Mom, lil' bro and Kel came in to celebrate (Kel's B-day was the week before) and Ry came in too and we drove to AC and gambled away a super fun day! I actually came home with more money than I brought (a first for me!)!

I share my actual birthday with labmate Joe, so, to celebrate, we had a little poker tournament and drank Jamaican Rum. I also got lots of wonderful presents in the mail (Thanks everyone!!!) Good times!

I then headed to NJ to spend the weekend with my RyGuy! He made me dinner and gave me great presents (including post-it notes with our picture on it! so cool!) and we watched some Harry Potter on BluRay. All awesome!

Of course, because everything was so wonderful, I got sick. Another sinus-type infection with fever and total body aches and sleepless nights and loss of appetite and horrible headache. And now some weird blind spot thing that is apparently an ocular migraine (good times)!

Oh well ... at least my 28th Birthday celebration started out well!!

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Becky said...

Well happy belated Birthday to you!