Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big 10 Update = 6!!

As I wrote about in October, my advisor has this little ... goal ... for his grad students to publish 10 papers (not including dissertation work). Oh ... how I like a challenge!

Today, my labmate Joe got his very first first author paper (yes ... first first author)! Which is very exciting for him (CONGRATS JOE!!!!), but also exciting for me! Because I was second author on his paper, bringing me up to 6 publications (including the paper I got accepted just 2 weeks ago)!

Yep, 6! More than halfway to my 10! YAY!

Keep your fingers crossed that 2009 will be a very big publication year for me!

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Mookie said...

Any chance of publishing your papers (or at least abstracts) on your blog? I love new insights into animal behavior and cetacean maintenance . I'll be teaching animal behavoir second semester here in Marietta GA. - Stepanies mother in law - just call me Mookie.