Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow in the Little Town ...

... is certainly a different experience than snow back home!

With the (less than) 3" of snow/sleet/rain that we got today:

  1. Work closed at noon (not that anyone really came in anyway)
  2. Ry's sister's Wedding Vow Renewal & Hannah's Baptism was cancelled (so that no one had to travel late at night in the snow (even though it stopped snowing by 6pm))
  3. No one was at the movie theater, restaurant or high-end outdoor shopping center that's a mere 7 minute drive from my house!

Despite living in the Little Town for 3.5 years and Philly for 2 years, it never amazes me how people in eastern PA react to a snowy forecast!

PS -- Talked to Mom at home ... they got 12" of snow and she was headed to the casino! No snow stops us Buffalo girls from having fun!

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Becky said...

It is the same here in NYC. Forcast says 3" of snow and the mayor has to have a press conference! It cracks me up. At least this year the #1 news story wasn't how all the store sold out of shovels! HA crazy NYC-er's