Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve ... at work ...

I braved the layer of ice (seriously) and came in to work early this Christmas Eve morn.

One car was in the parking lot -- my advisors. He's "jewish".

My labmate Joe joined us too. So, it's pretty much just our lab in today. Is that dedication or is it pathetic?

Oh, and the crazy grad student advisor was in too. She stopped by to chat with me in my office (while I had video cameras recording in the lab). She was shocked to see a grad student in and made some comment about that explaining my publication record. Then I explained that I wouldn't have come in, except my fish don't know it's a holiday ("Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"). And I need to rush to finish so I can join my future in-laws at church.

Which apparently is funny. Rushing to finish an experiment to make it to church. Hmm.

Well, hope your Christmas Eve was just as exciting as mine!

Can't wait to be in Buffalo! Just 2 more days!!

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Becky said...

How it that our paths were so similar? My advisor is also "jewish" and my fish never understood christmas either.