Friday, November 07, 2008

Doing any online Holiday shopping?

Anyone planning on buying anything online this holiday season?

If so, could you link to your favorite online store through THIS LINK?

I've also posted it on the sidebar for your continued use!

Basically, this company called Upromise donates money towards my student loans for every online purchase I make! It's usually like 1%, but I am sure the pennies will add up!

Stores include Target, WalMart, Snapfish, Disneystore, LLBean, Home Depot and many, many more! You just go to the above link and select the store and then you're taken to the store's webpage and you shop as normal and the money will be sent to my Upromise account.

Now, in case you're worried that I could find out what things you bought from which stores -- I won't! Upromise just sends the money. I have no idea WHO bought stuff or WHAT they bought! So, feel free to buy as many embarassing products online as you want and I will never know!

And did I mention you can get additional DEALS from linking to your store through Upromise -- like free shipping!

Like I said, it costs you nothing other than 1 second on an additional webpage! So, if you think of it, I'd really appreciate you using my link! :)

OH -- and for those of you who just had babies -- instead of donating to me, you can sign up your kid on Upromise right now and start saving for their college fund!


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