Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who moved my cheese?

No, this post is not about the self-help book.

I really want to know, Who moved my cheese?

As my advisor invited one of his old students to our department to give a seminar this week, I have been his dutiful servant and one of today's tasks included putting out veggies and crackers and cheese for the post-seminar discussion.

So, I had a veggie tray and a few boxes of crackers and 4 blocks of cheese. The super-awesome secretary offered to put the snacks out while we were all at the seminar so that they would be ready when we arrived. There was about a 10 minute span between her leaving and me arriving. And in that 10 minutes, it seems that 2 blocks of cheese went missing.

Who moved my cheese?

Who even does that?

Who takes cheese off of a table of snacks? I mean, sure, steal a few cookies or a few pieces of cheese. But 2 blocks of cheese? WTF?

I hope no one steals the 3 chickens I am buying for dinner tomorrow.

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