Friday, November 07, 2008

Another wonderful trip home!

Ry & I had another wonderful, busy, quick trip home! I think we managed to spend 40 hours in Buffalo! The main reason for our short trip was Nephew's 5th Birthday Party, but we also managed to squeeze in some trick or treating, lots of errands and lunch with Mom & Dad, a great family dinner and some fun at the casino in the Falls, a spinning class (not Ry, just me and Mom and Kel, who both kick my ass at the spinning) and lots of fun!

Here's some photos from the weekend!

Nephew, the bat!
Someone got a few pounds of candy!
What's a 5-year-old's birthday party without a bounce house?
Kel, me and Ry snuck in while the little boys were distracted!
(Go Bills!)
Why can't Ry hit the Transformers pinata?
Because lil' bro stole it away while Ry was blindfolded!
(5-year-olds find this hysterical)

Happy Birthday Nephew!!

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