Monday, September 01, 2008

Nephew & Every Step

Have I mentioned Nephew lately?

He's not even 5 yet and he's already doing some good in the world!

On September 13th, Nephew is doing the Every Step -- The walk for universal newborn screening -- sponsored by the Hunter's Hope Foundation.

If you're a non-Buffalonian and are unfamiliar with the Hunter's Hope Foundation, it is in honor of Hunter Kelly, the son of Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Hunter was born with a horrible disease that affected all of his neurons and nerves. If he had been properly diagnosed as a baby, he would have been able to receive a transplant and his hopes of survival would have increased tremendously. Unfortunately, Hunter Kelly was repeatedly misdiagnosed. The Kelly family is now working to enact laws that will require all newborns in the US to be screened for diseases that can be treated. They have already worked to pass laws in NY State and the Every Step Walk will raise funds for more legislation, research, and care for babies and their families!

As it was the "Year of the Baby", I hope that some of you could take a few minutes to sponsor Nephew in honor of all of the newborns! Just $5 will really make a difference!

To donate, just click HERE, then click the SPONSORSHIP tab, then SPONSOR NOW!, then fill out the fields with Nephew's name, his team (Savings Safari Team) and then all of your information and click away! I just did it and it only took 2 minutes!!

Thanks friends for being so generous!!!!

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