Friday, November 16, 2007

A potential labmate

In the middle of my craziness, I was also asked by my advisor to host a potential graduate student.

This happens quite a bit this time of year -- students come to visit the Little Town and our University because, in my field, my advisor is somewhat of a "well-known guy" and we usually get half a dozen people each year that are looking to maybe join our lab.

And, because I am my advisor's go-to-pushover (see previous posts), the most recent potential labmate stayed with me for 3 days.

She seemed nice and smart, but, as any of you know that have ever had "company", I got nothing done and my house is still a mess. Oh, and she invested my house with germs, so I have been fighting a cold all week (though I should have guessed that, given my horoscope (Thanks, Hamster Grrl)).

Here are some pictures from a super fun evening, where my advisor gave me and the labmates some cash to show the potential "a good time"!
Joe & I with our matching drinks
(notice who has the "big girl" drink & who got the baby margarita!)
Dancing Fish with our potential labmate (who is all bundled up because of the frigid cold of the Little Town).
I managed to freak-out the waiter by knowing his name, so he made it a point to learn ours!

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