Thursday, November 15, 2007

Take Luck!

Ry & I were very happy to catch up with our good friends Dr. D & his wife ("A") a few days ago over the phone!

They're doing well in Wisconson! They're both very happy with their new jobs and are loving the house and getting ready to become a bigger family and being so close to the football stadium!

To celebrate their big move, Ry & I sent some gifts their way (after a few weeks of "forgetting" to get to the post office ... opps!).

We sent some GB football paraphanalia for Dr. D & the little one (to pay homage to the great football parties Dr. D & A always throw!)!

And I made a scarf for A! A few months back, as part of the monthly book club that A and her friends organized, we tried to do some knitting. While I am sure A could have picked up on the knitting, she decided to leave it to me!

So I took her pretty yarn and awesome size 10 bamboo needles (LOVE THEM!) and (with some size 15 needles of my own) knit her up this super fun scarf!

We miss them very much and can't wait to visit the whole family next year!!

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