Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big fun in the Little CITY & Buffalo!

Last week, Ry & I travled back towards my hometown for something very exciting for Ry -- an "interview" for a postdoc position at a well-respected university!

I put "interview" in quotation marks because we were all quite confident that Ry would be moving to this Little City and will begin his post-degree work in late January. So confident that I spent my time looking at 80-million apartments for him while he smoozed with the academics in his new department! (I say this all lightly, but it was still very stressful/exciting for Ry because he had to present all of his awesome work and he is being considered for a training grant (which would award him more money, opportunities and a computer!))
But it all was awesome! His new advisor is perhaps the opposite of his current advisor (though both are extremely brilliant) and the advisor's family is so nice! And I found Ry his very first apartment -- which we will move him into next month! All-in-all a very successful 48-hours in the Little City that Ry will soon call home! (And will be my home-away-from-home during my frequent visits!)

And the best part of the week was being able to drive just one hour from the Little City to visit my family!! My mom threw together an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family on Saturday! With all of us now having significant others -- and my brother has a son -- it is a tight squeeze in the house! Especially with grandparents and friends also stopping by!

There was so much fun to be had with my family! Nephew is now 4-years-old and is the highlight of my life. He is so smart and funny! He played my little bro's Wii bowling game with Ry, my little bro, and my grandfather. So the age span was 4 to 78! And it was my grandfather (not Nephew) that "accidentally" threw the Wii controller across the room in the 10th frame!Nephew was much more amused with "accidentally" throwing the Wii bowling ball at the people to make them jump away and then we all laughed and laughed!

A very crazy few days, but a wonderful time in the Little City and a great weekend with my family & friends! I can't wait to be back in Buffalo for Best Christmas Ever!

Enjoy the photos!

Ry's Postdoc Building!

And his new campus!
And his very first apartment!
Notice the pretty black counter tops!
Future-sister-in-law K cuts up some of the 4 different desserts!
My little bro enjoys the whipped cream
I do love cleaning!
Big bro, Nephew and sister-in-law opening up some early birthday gifts!
Little bro helping Nephew with his gifts (because I am an awesome aunt & bring him gifts every time I see him!)!

Perhaps next time I won't give Nephew post-it notes
(or at least I will keep them away from Ry & Little bro)!
Nephew used them to make us all name tags (he even made one for the "Dog", "Cat" and each of the dozen "Fish")!!

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