Thursday, January 11, 2007

Adios Costa Rica ...

Well, I decided for sure today that I will NOT be traveling to Costa Rica over spring break.

No, I was not headed on some awesome college spring break. I was supposed to be hanging out at a nature reserve watching fish swim.

One of my labmates is down there doing some research this semester, so it seemed an obvious time to go. But, the week long adventure turned into something more extreme with rented cars and far away flights and staying at an all-inclusive resort. Just far too complicated for me for something that is NOT a vacation!!

Besides, I should be here in the Little Town focusing on my dissertation proposal (see New Year Goal #9) and sending out my five manuscripts (see NYG #8). This year, I also want to vacation with friends and visit the Southern Yankee and baby Katherine (see NYG 18 & 19).

I'll just have to go to Costa Rica to visit the fishies in 2008 ...

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