Monday, January 01, 2007

20 in 2007

Happy New Year!!

Ry & I rang in 2007 with some champagne, a view of the Little Town fireworks from my living room window, and some fun phone calls from my friends!

All in all, a wonderful start to 2007!

In light of the new year, I figured I'd set some goals for 2007. I know many people feel that New Year Resolutions are "lame". But, the Babylonians did it 4,000 years ago and the Romans continued the tradition -- they can't be all that bad.

The generally theme of my 2007 goals is "To be a better ...". Which I guess is what resolutions are all about -- being better.

Lately, with my focus on the Qs, I have felt like I haven't been the best Sneks I can possibly be, so I hope this outline will serve as a motivator for 2007!

Be a better:

1. Exercise 3-4 times a week & eat better
2. Save 10% of my income
3. Clean the apartment every Sunday
4. Take a photo everyday (see The Oddity Effect: Project 365)
5. Read a few non-science books

PhD Student
6. Pass the Qs

7. Be an awesome Animal Behavior Lab TA
8. Send out 5 manuscripts for publication
9. Write & Defend my dissertation proposal (by the summer)
10. Work Harder!

11. Tell Ry I love him everyday (because I do!)
12. Be as kind to Ry's family as he is to me
13. Encourage Ry to work hard and finish up his dissertation soon (despite wanting him to stay in the Little Town with me)

Friend & Family Member
14. Call back everyone promptly
15. Visit my family in Buffalo at least 4 times
16. Visit BF Kimmy & BF-in-law in VA
17. Send letters & cards to my friends that are far away
18. Take Vacation with Ry & friends
19. Visit The Southern Yankee and Baby Katherine
20. Knit more -- especially gifts!

20 goals for 2007.
Too many?

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