Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weekend Update!

It was a relaxing weekend, as I decided to stay away from all things biology and put off studying for the next step of my Qs for 2 whole days.

Ry and I spent Saturday together, doing a bit of shopping and having a nice dinner (yay for Holiday gift cards!!!)! It was nice to just spend time with him, not worrying about the work I should be doing. And I think he was happy that I was out of my pajamas and even brushed my hair a little. When studying for 8-12 hours a day, I find no need to actually look nice. Though, deodorant is mandatory. And showering. And teeth brushing.
Sunday we drove down south for another day of football at Dr. D's. He and his wifey always through a great party! Dr. D grilled us up some chicken wings and Mrs. DD's family supplied us with lots of yummy wing sauces! BJ baked a cake for Timmy's birthday, though we knew Tim wasn't showing up. That's how we roll. Oh, and Ry ate about 3 dozen swedish meatballs. Oh, how we eat and drink with Dr. & Mrs. D!
And there was football projected on the wall and lots of relaxing and fun. Plus, my favorite puppy friend in the Little Town!!

And, I have projects on the needles!! I haven't been knitting too much lately, but I do have a few projects started ... one almost done ... but they are all gifts, so I can't give any details yet!!!

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL weekend!! But now it's back to the grind ....

Rumor has it, I actually passed the written Qs, and I need to super-cram for the orals ...

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