Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am in the final stretch of this whole PhD thing.

I hope.

I don't actually know for sure, because I have had little feedback from my advisor.

But I am just in the mind set that I will be graduating come May!  As I have been for the last year!

If I just keep saying it, it will eventually be true, right?

Anyway ... this finally push has led me to be on "lockdown" to get all of the writing done.  I decide that this Wednesday - Sunday would be solely dedicated to dissertation stuff. 

It's Day 4 and I am starting to go crazy, but it's getting done!

I spent Day 3 at Panera, in a quasi-old-school writing day scenario.  It went pretty well, so I am thinking I will be spending Day 5 there too.  Despite the fact that I know RyGuy will be a little annoyed that I will go there and leave him alone all day.  But I just need to be DONE and am willing to do what I need to in order to finish!

Wish me luck!!


Becky said...

My adviser once told me, if you fail at dissertation time, it is your advisers fault!! You'll be fine
Good luck! I am uber jealous, but I'll get there eventually. said...

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