Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold Medal for Hannah!

In honor of the Olympics, we took Hannah out for her very first skate around the rink!

It started out with extra socks so the too-big ice skates would fit and the cutest ever pink panda helmet!

The first laps were basically me & Uncle dragging her around. When I asked if she wanted to go around for a third time or take a break with Nana & Poppop, she said "Around again!!"

After I held her up for a while, she started to stand up straight on her own!

And then it was just Hannah & Uncle!

She liked sitting "in the box" and watching the other skaters, but never for very long.

She wanted to get right back out and skate!

There were a few falls, but no tears! Just a snowy butt!

She had so much fun with Mommy, Uncle & me!
But refused our help at the end!!!
Here are some videos of her skating all by herself!
Everyone is just so proud of her!