Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November is over!

I blinked and November is gone!

Here are those goals I set for myself:

  • Analyze ALL data from Experiment 1b
  • Write significant draft for Experiment 1 paper and send to advisor
  • Collect HALF the data for Experiment 2
  • Finish getting replicates for Experiment 2 (just 1 or 2 more!)
  • Start draft of Experiment 2 paper
  • Finish getting replicates for Widow paper
  • Assist old advisor in finishing & submitting Pesky Thesis Paper
  • Edit & submit CR field paper
  • Give two guest lectures
  • Apply for 2 more jobs (until post doc season starts)
  • Apply for fellowship for Spring semester
  • Write 10,000 words for InaDWriMo (as part of the above goals)!

I'm giving myself a score of 57.167%. Not great, but I am giving myself 10 extra bonus points for each of two goals: (1) Not only did the Pesky Thesis Paper get submitted, but it was accepted! and (2) Not only did I apply for the fellowship for the Spring semester, but I was awarded the fellowship!!! Yay! With those bonus points, I am at 77%, which I think is outstanding!

Let's see how December goes!

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