Thursday, December 03, 2009

December Goals

It's only 3 days into December, but I am totally distracted by Christmas and other non-work things! It is time to get serious!!

Here are this month's (far too ambitious) goals:

  • Finish draft of Experiment 1 paper and get it to advisor (ASAP!)
  • Collect HALF the data for Experiment 2
  • Finish getting replicates for Experiment 2 (just 1 or 2 more!)
  • Start draft of Experiment 2 paper
  • Finish getting replicates for Widow paper (3 more!)
  • Get CR field paper from co-author, edit & submit
  • Apply for 1 more job (until post doc season starts)

I need to have a committee meeting in January and give a seminar in February, so I need to stay on track! And avoid the distractions of Christmas and wedding planning!

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