Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Goals

I know it is probably very boring for you to read my list of monthly goals. But it is a great help to me! I always have lots of lists taped to my office walls or on a post-it notes in my planner that I gleefully cross-off as I accomplish goals.

But those little notes to myself do not hold me accountable. Posting my work goals on the Internet makes me feel a bit more pressure. Which I definitely need if I am going to graduate in May!

So, thank you all (4 of you) for putting up with my "goal posts" (haha ... sorry).

Here they are for October (let's see if I can be more successful than September!):

  • Collect & analyze ALL data from Experiment 1b
  • Write significant draft for Experiment 1 paper
  • Start collecting data for Experiment 2
  • Finish getting replicates for Experiment 2
  • Finish & submit pesky Thesis paper
  • Write significant draft of CR field paper and get it out to co-authors
  • Get together some lectures for a bunch of classes I agreed to teach the first week of November (hmmm... not even sure what these are about really...)
  • Finish applying for jobs (until post doc season starts)

Oh ... and everything else that I need to do on a daily basis!
Hmmm ... too ambitious?