Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rex Manning* Day

Tomorrow, I am in charge of hosting a guest speaker for the grad student organization in my department.

Because the majority of grad students seem to be unable to do much (despite wanting much to happen), I have been in charge of:

  • choosing our lone guest speaker
  • contacting him and discussing the topic of his seminar
  • arranging his travel with the administrative assistant
  • setting up his schedule for the entire visit
  • begging other grad students to meet with him to give lab tours, have (free) lunch, and have (free) dinner
  • picking him up at the airport and being his chaufer for the entire 3 day visit (which has been a mess of cancelled flights thus far!!)
  • generally making it seem like the grad students are glad to have him here!

Now that I have complained, I feel better and can get through the next 2 days!

But this is it. I am done!

*don't tell me you don't know who Rex Manning is!

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