Monday, September 24, 2007

Time to finish so I can start

In order to start my actual dissertation research, I need to write & defend a proposal of my research ideas.

I have lots of ideas for work I could do and I have picked a few that my advisor agrees will be good enough to get me a PhD in a few years!

But writing up this proposal is taking far too long. Far too long.

I am usually a pretty efficient writer and I have thought of many psychological reasons as to my hesitation in writing this particular piece of work. There are also a few physical reasons why it's not done (like I can't continue to write while I am teaching, grading, in meetings or in seminars for 20 hours each week). But the main reasons are all because of stupid internal things that I just need to get over.

I decided, this is the week I finish it.

Actually, Hamster Grrl shared with me our Aquarius horoscope for this week and it says that I need to finish it now!!

So, here it is, in writing. A promise that I will finish this week.

OK ... enough blogging ... I need to write a proposal ...

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DancingFish said...

You can totally do it! Woo!! Go Sneks!