Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Grumpiness" = change?

So being "grumpy" suddenly makes my life easier?

I have been slightly stressed lately with lots of work that I should be doing, lab responsibilities and a yucky TA assignment. So I have been easily annoyed by little things and, I am sorry to say, have snapped at or been whinny with Ry and some friends at work lately (sorry Ry & friends!). I'm not really annoyed with Ry or any of the people I work with. I am annoyed with my advisor and the lack of control I have in my own life.

So, yesterday morning, at a meeting with a professor that isn't my advisor, I expressed my dissatisfaction with my not-so-wonderful TA assignment. Because she is great (yay for female scientists sticking together), she re-voiced my opinions to my advisor. And, along with fixing some other mistakes, she got my assignment changed!!! YAY!!!

Then, there was a misunderstanding about a lab meeting (because my advisor can't keep his own schedule). And I got snappy because I am the one that has to waste my time scheduling the meeting and getting the room and sending emails. Is it too much to ask for people to respect the time I put into things?

And now because I was "grumpy" (as my advisor said to me this morning), I was relieved of some of my laboratory responsibilities.

Can anyone explain to me why I get punished (i.e. get assigned more work) when I am nice and get rewarded when I am bitchy???

Is this how the rest of my life as a Woman In Science is going to be?

Because that sucks.

PS -- I am soooo excited about the trip to VA that Ry & I are going on this weekend to visit friends!!!! YAY for awesome friends that love us for who we are and who don't give a shit about departmental politics, lab meetings or publications!

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SLM said...

You have discoverd a great secret..women who are "bitchy" = success:) sucvks but true sometimes. That is why I have a "vote for Hilary" button on my diaper bag...and to scare the hel out of the crazy southern conservatives,,sorry for the typos i am tyring tpo tye one handed with baby:)...have a great trip this weekend