Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Georgia, Georgia

A few weeks ago, BF Kimmy and I took a road trip down to Georgia to visit our former "college" roommate & great friend Steph (The Southern Yankee)!

The three of us hadn't been together since Steph's wedding in October 2005! Why did I drive over a 1,000 miles each way?? Perhaps because of this little cutie-patottie!

Little 4-month old Katie was the star of the weekend! She loves to be the center of the attention and I loved making her laugh!

Kimmy & I had the best time visiting with the Southern Girls! Maybe I am still not ready for a baby (umm ... for a few years ...), but I am so happy that my friends are having babies now! They are fun (and then I give them back when they cry and/or poop)!

And the outfits are fabulous!

Watermelon Butt!!

And Ocean Fun!! (I wish I could pull off whales & crabs!)

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