Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Summer of Fun" Schedule

One of the things that I love about my "job" as a graduate student trying to get a PhD by studying the behavior of animals is the traveling!

I usually study my fish in a basement laboratory (that was previously a mens' room). And, back in the day, I studied whales and dolphins at an aquarium.

And while these studies teach us a lot about the specific animals and how they behave, nothing beats seeing the animals in their natural habitat. There is just something really exciting about going to an animal where it normally lives and watching it do what it does!

In just one week I start a whirlwind tour of scientific fun (and maybe some friends and family fun along the way too!).

For those of you interested, here's what my next 6 weeks look like:

May 24: Drive to Buffalo
May 25-27: Chicago for the wedding of Dancing Fish & V!
May 28: Toronto for a Yankees/BlueJays game with parents and awesome lil' bro and Kel
May 29-30: Jam-packed fun with family and friends in Buffalo
May 31-June 21: Jamaica* for 21 solid days of snorkeling, fish observations and rum drinking (I know it does not sound like it, but this really is HARD WORK)
June 21-24: Pacific Grove, CA for conference with Ry and company
June 25: 8-hour whale watch tour out of Monterey, CA (Too excited for this event! If I see a blue whale I will cry. Seriously cry.)
June 26-28: Monterey & San Francisco fun with Ry!
June 29-July ?: Buffalo (while Ry is in Alaska!) to recuperate, visit the family, and (FINALLY) buy a new car!

Pretty crazy start to the summer, huh?

* While in Jamaica I will have limited blog & email access. My cell phone will work down there, but it costs $1.29 a minute (darn Verizon Wireless and their international roaming charges!!), so please leave brief messages or text-message me (only 5 cents per text message received!)!


SLM said...

Wow! You are busier the anyone I know:) But it sounds like you are going to have an awesome summer. Not to add more to your agenda but if you are free the end of july, beginning of August Andrew, Katie and I would love for you and Ryan to come visit.

Dea said...

Interesting to know.