Friday, May 18, 2007

Shutting the door to unproductivity

I am trying to actually get some work done today after yesterday's wash. So, I shut my office door about 2/3 of the way. I can't shut it completely because, as you other grad students know, I have to "play the game" and be seen doing work.

I thought the half-closure of the door would say to people "I am here, working hard, please do not disturb me. When I have actually accomplished something today, I will throw open my door and invite you all in to chat about things that are completely irrelevant and unimportant."

Instead, people push on in, chat about whatever it is that is on their minds as they walk by my door, and then say "Oh, were you doing work? Is that why your door is closed like this? So people don't just walk in?".


Maybe I shouldn't be so nice. Or maybe I should stop "playing the game" and just get some work done.


Luke said...

work sucks. avoid it.

Jenny said...

Hang a sign in the little open bit of the door that says exactly what you wrote in that post!
Or hide in the conference room?
First floor conference room with the windows (I used that one a lot last semester).

Of course, I think I just sent V to see if you knew about the outcomes of last weeks exams. Sorry about that =P

hamster_grrl said...

Dude, you ARE too nice.

I would try not facing the door and having earphones on, either with or without music. Then, ignore anyone who walks in unless they have to tap your shoulder or raise their voice to get your attention. If what they have to ask you is SO important that they do do that get really startled and they will feel bad that they interrupted you when you were so hard at work. I know I try not to bother you when you are in "facing the window with earphones on" mode.

I've been doing this for years and people get the hint. But then again, I'm mean, so it could also be that. ;)

Except watch out for V. He'll try to sneak up on you and scare you on purpose.