Monday, May 21, 2007

Surprise! Phillies Tickets!

While I am not a Phillies fan (after 2 years in Philadelphia, I am not a fan of ANY of their sports teams), I do enjoy a MLB game! And Ry LOVES baseball!

And so I was happily surprised by Ry showing up at my place on a Sunday (which is usually our day apart to get work done) with tickets to see that afternoon's baseball game! His advisor in some completely random act of kindness got the tickets for Ry from some guy at the bar that he frequents. (Yes, Ry's advisor was at the bar at noon on a Saturday and pretty intoxicated, which is how we got the tickets. He may have been there from the afternoon before for all we know!)

Sadly, I had to miss the hooding ceremony (like graduation, except not, only for PhD students) of my good friends and amazing female scientists. But they had lots and lots of people there cheering them on!

It was a beautiful day and it was nice to be outside and enjoying Ry and his amazing photo skills!

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