Thursday, March 22, 2007

God Tube

Check out this link that the professor's in my department are sending around.

It is AWFUL. I seriously laughed so hard.

And then I just felt bad.

I was raised Catholic. I did all the Youth Group stuff through high school and college. I went to Jesuit Universities (BS & MS in Biology). And I still believe in evolution.

Shit, I would almost call myself an Evolutionary Biologist.

Why is it difficult to believe in God AND Evolution?

I just don't understand it.

Maybe it's time for a woman to write a book about this issue that comes up in my daily life.

But until I write my book, I will still laugh at Kirk Cameron clapping approvingly as an Australian explains that Bananas prove that there is a God.

I'd like to think that other people in the world (that weren't on Growing Pains) believe in God for a reason other than bananas ...

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