Sunday, March 25, 2007


OK, so I don't think I have a serious problem.

But I have experienced the joys of eBay. And I like it.

I lost my eBay virginity afew months back when Ry got his Xbox 360. The games are so expensive, so I suggested he use, which I have used many times to buy books for school. I liked because there was no bidding, just buying.

But Ry found to be a gateway drug and started buying things on ebay. And, because I am a faithful girlfriend, and a known bargain shopper, I found myself buying too.

Now, I looked up a few other websites, just to be sure I'm not really addicted. I just happen to have purchased a handful of things lately. Like some cool yarn. A handheld sewing machine (like I had as a kid). A few blue mugs with fish schools on them (to match the china pieces Kathryn gave me years ago). Supplies to make potpourii out of all the roses Ry has given me. A weight watchers point calculator. A 2gig memory card for my camera. An underwater camera casing. A quiltted sleeve for my laptop. Some knitting needles. A set of purses from Avon. And my most recent purchase -- a salon-quality hairstraightener. That is bright green.

Perhaps I just have a tiny problem. But the stuff is SO CHEAP! You cannot beat the DEALS! If I bought all of these things at retail price, I would have spent 2 or 3 times as much!

I am a poor grad student. I could not afford these items at full price.

Of course, I did not NEED a single item I purchased on eBay.

Darn you eBay and your power!!

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