Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy week

This was a very busy work week for me.
Here's a laundry list of the highlights that when on this week in the Little Town:

  • Taught my last lab of the semester!
  • Helped an oldest labmate J with her dissertation defense preparation
  • Tried to be a good hostess for oldest labmate J
  • Bought plane tickets for field work in Jamaica
  • Bought plane tickets for conference in Monterey
  • Booked hotel for conference in Monterey
  • Finished review paper edits and sent to Nate for submission
  • Almost finished my research slides for the local symposium in 3 weeks
  • Had beers and dinner with most-awesome-scientist that did his dissertation work on the same fish I am working on
  • Got invited to Costa Rica to do field work with most-awesome-scientist next breeding season
  • Also got invited to co-author a paper with most-awesome-scientist on study he wants help with in the field (read -- BIG DEAL)
  • Learned how to video conference
  • Watched the oldest J in my lab defend her dissertation work and do very well

A busy week, but didn't accomplish nearly enough (notice that I didn't have a lot of research on that list above). How can I do so much, yet have so much to do? Does everyone feel this way, or just grad students?

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mammagumm said...

Even mom's of grad students have this problem. I worked all day yesterday trying to ready the house for guests next weekend. I got the sewing room but back together and really like how it turned out, but I didn't even make a dent in my list. And now it is Monday and I have to work all week, since business partner is at conference in Las Vegas. So now I will be up every night until the wee hours cleaning carpets and dusting furnature. Why can't we just have a 48 hour day once in a while when we really need it?