Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm a joyful girl

Actually, I am just one lucky girl.

The final I thought I failed on Monday due to a cold medication-induced haze (and my subsequent lack of studying/remembering anything), I actually passed.


I didn't do well, but when the answer key was posted on Wednesday, I had trouble recalling the answers I had written on the exam. Perhaps this was due to a second (or was it third) cold medication-induced haze.

That led to a sleepless night yesterday, knowing that I would be in my office and have to face the professor and the test. I was so saddened by the fact that I had actually failed a test and was going to get a bad grade in the course.

But, this morning, I sat down with the professor and he gave me the test and I actually passed!! I was so happy that I got higher than a 25%! He seemed slightly annoyed that I was pleased with my poor grade, but compared to what I thought it was going to be, I was relieved.

He also seemed relieved that I didn't actually cry in his office and that I didn't hate him.

And that I am very pleased with my B-!


B- in Sensory Neurobiology.


Now just a faux grant proposal and 3 solid weeks of studying for the Qs!

Let's hope that my luck holds out.

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