Friday, December 15, 2006

Congrats Steph & Tim!

Last weekend, Ry & I traveled down to the big city for Steph & Tim's beautiful wedding!
The bride was gorgeous (as always) and she and the groom were so happy!
It was such a nice day, hanging out with my old SJU friends and having a fun time with Ry!
(And it was super-wonderful to NOT be one of the 9 bridesmaids for once!! YAY!)
The bride & groom!

My favorite picture of the love birds (despite the bad lighting and blurriness)!

Amity & I, showing off our christmas cheer!
('thryn -- that is still my favorite purse of all time!!)

Ry & I, dancing the night away!

Some of the SJU crew!
YAY for free, top shelf open bar!

Amity & Justin -- the newly engaged couple!!!
(She has the sparkliest ring!)

Some of us with the newlyweds!

Another wonderful wedding with my fabulous friends!
I only have a few more lined up for 2006 & 2007!
Keep getting engaged friends -- I love the weddings!

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