Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Saying goodbye to Clyde

With my office and lab being on top of a mountain, it is difficult (impossible, really) to walk between where I do work and where I teach and have class, so I take the University bus up and down a few times a week.

Being a frequent rider, I often chat with the bus drivers. There's classic-rock guy, who chats with me about my hometown and sports; there's Kentucky boyfriend with whom I talk about football and his family; and then there's Clyde -- this charming old man who loves to travel and talk about his trips (or dreams of trips) and who will complain about the often-times-snotty undergrads.

Clyde was always my favorite. He would laugh at the discussion/fights BJ and I would have on our way to classes, and always tell me to break-up with Ry (who he just happens to love almost as much as I do). His hearty laugh always made me cheer-up as I trekked around the mountain.

But, today was Clyde's last day. He is retiring. Dancing Fish and I made some assorted baked goods and got everyone to sign a card for him. Then we and Ry went out to visit Clyde on his last day of bus runs and wished him luck with life!

It's just sad saying goodbye to people. It makes me think of all of the wonderful people that have been in my life that made me smile and I will probably never see again. I guess life is just like that.

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