Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Working from home ... sorta

So, with the Qs approaching like a freight train (or maybe a supersonic jet), I decided to work from home today in hopes of actually accomplishing something. I have to go in late in the afternoon for a seminar and to see if my fish laid eggs (yes, my life revolves around fish having sex). But I had hoped to get lots done at home first.

But, I had to run some errands this morning because normally I am at school from 7am until at least 5pm, so places that have "normal" hours never get a visit from me. With the opportunity to go many places, I went to the bank (to desposit the check I have been waiting for which FINALLY came) and the post office (to FINALLY get stamps -- Gorgeous, sorry your birthday card is now 2 weeks late! I kept forgetting to get stamps!!). Then, of course, the grocery store is right there, so I stopped in to pick up some staples (e.g., diet coke).

I should mention that day-time grocery store customers are very polite. I sneezed a few times and 4 different people said "bless you". And a lady gave me a coupon (for cat food, so I didn't use it, but still, it was a nice gesture). And a guy (that did not work at the store) took my cart when I was done and put it in the coral. Very nice all around. I usually shop on Saturdays when the store is CRAZY or at 10pm, when the store is DEAD. I am going to try to shop on weekdays more often.

But I digress ...

So, after my productive (yet not productive enough) morning, it's time to hit it hard and get some work done.

For a couple of hours ...

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