Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get your vote on!

Yes, I believe that we, as Americans, should definitely vote.

It's important. It's how we control our destiny.

But, I did not vote.

I know, it's horrible.

But, I am not resident here in the Littletown.

I am from the big, snowy city. A whole state away.

And, sure, I could have applied for an absentee ballot. But, I did not.

But, not to make too many excuses, I feel as though my vote really did not matter.

I have no education to vote at the very local level back home.

And, as for statewide races, let me let you all in on a secret:
Hillary Clinton would have won with or without my vote.
I think she won 6 votes to 1.

Hillary for President '08??

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