Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A whole year!

I realized that I have yet to tell you all about my WONDERFUL weekend with Ry! In addition to it being his 27th birthday, it was also our one-year anniversary!

Now, if you know me, I like to celebrate other peoples birthdays. I wanted to make a big deal about his birthday, but Ry also likes to make a big deal about things and wanted to make a big deal about being together for a year!

We started our weekend of fun Saturday when he showed up at my house with a dozen roses!! This was very exciting for me! I am not used to getting flowers! And I have never been given a dozen roses before! The picture above does not do them justice (but I keep forgetting to bring my digital camera home to take a good photo! This one is from my camera phone!)! The flowers are just beautiful!

I then gave Ry his birthday gifts -- some shirts and sweaters (that didn't really fit) and cologne (so he'd have a bottle at my place) and a silly bat that flies around in circles (that I got on clearance after Halloween and was, of course, his favorite gift).

And THEN he took me for a fancy dinner at Grille 3501! The martinis were good and the food was amazing! He had this great chicken dish and I have pork tenderloins. Amazing!

We skipped dessert at the super-nice restaurant to come home and have homemade brownie sundaes (his favorite!). Lot's of hot fudge and whipped cream ....

After a peaceful evening of snuggling, we celebrated Ry's birthday in style with friends at Dr. D & wife's new house! Dr. D. made beer-can chicken on the grill, made a spectacular scooby-doo cake, and put football on the big HDTV! I wish I had photos for you! Dr. D's a Packers fan and Ry & I are Bills fans -- it was a very exciting game for us to watch thanks to the NFL ticket! We were so excited to see the Bills actually win!! And we ate and drank and had the best time!!

Such a wonderful weekend! I couldn't be happier -- thanks to my wonderful RyGuy! I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays and anniversaries with him! And I wish everyone the happiness that I have in my life!

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